Technology Assessment & Management


Jaguar Technology can conduct a physical and virtual assessment of your current IT structure and make recommendations to streamline efficiencies while decreasing the risk of future issues.

How We Work

The Right Focus

Jaguar Technology follows a proven technology assessment and management process to streamline IT efficiencies:

  • Interviews with key personnel to understand your business and priorities
  • Thorough analysis of your IT hardware, software, operational environment and voice/data plans using our own custom-designed tools
  • Development of a project plan to include a cost/benefit analysis for each recommended action item
  • Active monitoring, management and maintenance by our support team to keep your infrastructure running smoothly

What We Do

The Right Fit

Jaguar Technology is the right fit for you if:

  • You question whether your current IT costs can be better managed.
  • You have a mix of IT products that may not work efficiently together.
  • Your business is growing or changing and you want to know if your IT infrastructure can provide the services you need.


  • Add office 365 migration, management and license procurement
  • Vpn network connectivity

How You Benefit

The Right Solutions

  • Management of technology projects and vendors by a trusted partner who understands your business environment
  • A cost-effective technology infrastructure that will support your current and future business goals
  • Reduced support needs thanks to improved resource availability
  • Automation of routines necessary to keep technology running smoothly, including Windows and third party patch updates, weekly maintenance routines and log monitoring
  • Flexible payment options that work with your budget, from fixed upfront choices to monthly plans