Backup & Data Management


Jaguar Technology offers a full range of disaster recovery solutions—from basic data backups to full server image and offsite data storage. You can be confident that in the event of a disaster, you could quickly and easily return your business to full operations with access to all critical programs and data.

How We Work

The Right Focus

At Jaguar Technology, we offer tiered data backup and management services for businesses of any size.

  • Evaluation of your business’s disaster recovery needs and your return to service requirements 
  • Development of a custom plan that meets your business requirements
  • Implementation of your custom disaster recovery plan through installation of onsite hardware and software in combination with Jaguar Technology’s offsite hybrid cloud services
  • As needed, assistance with data restoration, from a single file to rebuilding a virtual machine complete with applications

What We Do

The Right Fit

Jaguar Technology is the right fit for you if:

  • You are still using out of date backup methods that do not meet your company’s return to service needs.
  • You are unsure you could recover from a complete loss of key data or business applications in an appropriate time frame.
  • You are missing a regular system for monitoring or testing the integrity of your backups.

How You Benefit

The Right Solutions

  • Reliable, efficient and cost-effective disaster recovery plan that provides protection from accidental data deletion, hardware failure or physical damage to your workplace
  • Peace-of-mind that comes from knowing real people are looking at your backups, sending reports, following up and delivering one-on-one attention when needed
  • Customized retention policies to maintain the data history required by your business, whether you need to retrieve files and data from a week ago or three years ago
  • Data hosted on Jaguar Technology’s hybrid cloud rather than a nameless or faceless cloud service