Security & Threat Management


That’s why Jaguar Technology is committed to protecting your IT network with a layered approach designed to work together for maximum security and peace of mind.

How We Work

The Right Focus

Jaguar Technology provides a comprehensive, layered approach to securing your network for the strongest possible protection. 

  • Products from industry-recognized leaders for firewall, anti-virus and spam filtering
  • Initial set-up, software and pattern updates, continuous monitoring and management via a monthly subscription plan
  • A process that provides you with multiple points of protection and assures you are always up to date on the latest protection

What We Do

The Right Fit

Jaguar Technology is the right fit for you if:

  • You aren’t sure you are doing everything you can to secure your network and data.
  • Your current anti-virus and spyware solution doesn’t provide intrusion prevention, application awareness and device control.
  • Your current anti-virus system does not have regular monitoring, review and software updates.
  • You either don’t have a firewall or have one that lacks an additional layer of protection against virus and spyware, intrusion prevention, application control and content filtering.
  • You’re looking for a reliable spam filtering service that filters for virus and spyware, phishing and suspicious URL links.

How You Benefit

The Right Solutions

  • Constant real-time scanning and blocking of security threats
  • Maximum security through complementary, layered protection from multiple sources and vendors
  • Increased productivity by maintaining a responsive and secure working environment
  • Reduced email spam without impacting delivery of valid emails