Jaguar Solutions


Jaguar Technology offers a full range of networking solutions.  From Unifi security camera systems, to LogMeIn’s VOIP phone systems. We offer Netgear Layer III routing for the larger networks and Sonicwalls Multi-location VPN tunnels to customers with many locations.

How We Work

The Right Focus

Jaguar spends its time testing, training and implementing solutions that meet the needs of our customers dynamic business needs.

  • Dell, servers, desktops, laptops and tablets
  • Ubiquiti, Unifi line: Camera systems, Wireless AP’s, USG Firewalls, Unifi POE switches, Edge Router
  • Quest Rapid Recovery backup, Server and workstation monitoring, disk encryption security.
  • LogMeIn VOIP phone systems formally JIVE, fitting any size business
  • SonicWall Firewalls: Installation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Netgear Layer III routers and Layer II POE switches

What We Do

The Right Fit

Our 20 years of experience has allowed us to work with many vendors' solutions. We evaluate and select the products that best fit our customers for ease of use, cost effectiveness, quality, configurability and management.

  • DUO 2FA to secure your remote sessions
  • Microsoft RDP server to provide work from home solution
  • Hosted Servers for QuickBooks and Exchange email. Windows virtual environments

How You Benefit

The Right Solutions

Our customers benefit from cost effective, industry tested solutions.

Your company benefits by having a relationship with an IT company that takes pride in their work, answers the phone when you call.  Works with customers in many industries giving Jaguar a broad range of industry, vendor and customer solutions

Jaguar Technology - Your reliable technology partner